. February Monthly Edit .

Welcome to our Coletti Monthly Edit! 

This month we focus on a selection of 3 toys that are both super important to our little ones's development and super fun to play with! 



From 6 months, babies are on the move! From creeping, sitting, rolling over, bouncing and standing…They understand their own names and other common words, can identify body parts, find hidden objects, and put things in and out of containers.

Stacking cups is the perfect toy to help the little ones develop their organisation, motor skills and use their small muscles. It can also help them to learn language skills as well as being the foundation for more complex tasks like using a writing instrument. 

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The benefits of soft toys are endless and don't just apply to babies and toddlers!

Studies have shown that soft toys can help reduce/soothe anxiety and stress. It provides great comfort and a sense of reassurance and familiarity. For little ones, a soft toy is a friend who can listen or talk to them no matter where they go. 

Soft toys can also help greatly in developing the little ones language and communication skills through pretend play. For example, if you are trying to teach a toddler how to brush their teeth, it will make it all the more exciting for them if you show them how to do it with their soft toy! 

Finally, it is a great way to encourage babies to care for other people and appreciate the presence of relationships. It helps them understand the importance of empathy and compassion!

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From 12 months, toddlers are on the go! They can walk steadily and even climb stairs. They enjoy stories, say their first words, and can play next to other children (but not yet with!). They like to experiment but need adults to keep them safe.

The ABC blocks is the ultimate learning toy and has so many benefits!

Is it a great way to assist in letter and number recognition, counting practice and language development. 

Being able to build up the blocks encourages early learning through play as it helps develop dexterity and builds confidence.

Their colourful design helps develop colour recognition and stimulates the imagination.

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